World Baijiu Day Celebration: Moutai Window Display at Martin's Off Licence

Baijiu is the planet's most popular spirit but little-known beyond China, and World Baijiu Day aims to make this spirit better known. So on August 9th every year, WBD will join partners over 60 cities around the world to celebrate. Why August 9th? That is because the pronunciation of the number "eight 八" (ba) and "nine 九" (jiu) in Putonghua  resembles 'baijiu'. The goal is to give people the chance to try one of the world's most intriguing spirit.


Moutai, as one of the leading baijiu in the category, will surely participate to let more people learn about baijiu. This year Moutai Ireland has teamed up with Martin's Off-Licence showcasing a beautifully decorated window display of Moutai products with the theme of - World Baijiu Day. The display has successfully attracted many customers' interest! Want to learn more, let's go to our product's page to find out!