Kweichow Moutai Award Record (Partial)

  • In 1985, won the “Golden Laurel Leaf Award” of Golden Laurel Leaf Award
  • In 1986, won the Gold Medal of the 12th International Food Expo in Paris, France, and the “Asia Star” Packaging Award, Hong Kong
  • 1989, National Fine Liquor of the Fifth China Liquor-tasting Fair
  • 1992, Gold Award of First US International Liquor Competition
  • In 1994, won the gold medal of the Fifth Asia-Pacific International Trade Fair
  • In 2015, listed in the "Chinese Geographical Indication Products Dictionary"
  • Top on the Global Spirits Brand Value List for the 6th consecutive year in 2022


Moutai Family Series Award Record (Partial)

  • 2000, Moutai Prince was awarded the Famous Brand of China’s New
  • In 2019, at the FIWA (French International Wine Award), Moutai (Old Orchard - Full) Dry Red Wine / 2017 won the Gold Award, and Moutai Dry Red Wine (Moutai Reserve Coded Lock Dry Red Wine) / 2017 won the Silver Award
  • In 2020, Yumi Blueberry Brewing Series won the “Green Drinks Award”
  • In 2022, Kweichow Moutai Gui Zhou Da Qu Jiu (the Year of the Tiger) won “Green Drinks Award”
  • 2022, Yumi Blueberry Brewing Series won the Gold Medal at the first CFWA China Fruit Wine Challenge Grand Prix
  • In 2023, Moutai Wine Phoenix Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (R5) won the Grand Gold Medal for a single wine at the FIWA
  • French International Wine and Spirits Competition, and the Moutai Old Tree S35 Dry Red Wine won the Gold Medal in the dry red category
  • In 2023, Moutai Chun series won the Golden Cup Award of China Wine Industry Marketing
  • In 2023, Moutai 1935 won the highest honor of the Design unit of 2023 US Muse International Creative Award, the Platinum Award

Moutai, the world’s first RMB 100 billion single product in the alcohol category, as well as one of the world’s three most famous alcoholic beverages, along with English Scotch whiskey and French cognac.