Moutai is headquartered in a small town of the Chishui River Valley on the Guizhou Plateau of southwestern China, Maotai, where the core of the world's savoury Baijiu is produced and known as the “Oriental Centre of Global Brewing”. Here, the core production area of “Kweichow Moutai”, one of the most renowned China's National Geographical Indication products, covers a land of 15.03 square kilometres, with the Chishui River flowing through. The unique basin climate and environment provide natural and superior geographical conditions for the brewing of “Kweichow Moutai”.

What Makes Moutai Different

  • Unique Origin
  • Non-Replicable Microbial Ecology
  • Age-Honoured Brewing Process
  • Abundant Base Liquor Resources


Unique Origin

There is a popular saying in China – “One cannot brew Moutai outside of Maotai town”. Within the 15.03 square kilometres of the core production area of Maotai, the mountains, rivers, trees, air and soil together contribute to the most suitable environment for brewing.


Non-Replicable Microbial Ecology

Moutai is made of wheat, sorghum and river water, and is famous for its bouquet, the answer of which lies in microorganisms. So far, Moutai researchers have analysed 1,946 brewery-related microorganisms.

Age-Honoured Brewing Process

In China's thousands of years of brewing history, the brewing method of Moutai is the most dedicated; from feeding to packaging, each bottle of Moutai has to go through 30 procedures and 165 preparation steps.


Abundant Base Liquor Resources

The ancient law that has been in place for a long time: the Moutai that are sold into the market must be aged for at least five years. Except for one year going through the production cycle, it takes at least four years of cellar preservation. During the preservation of the base liquor, the sommeliers will taste and arrange more than a hundred types of base liquors to practice the “liquor blending method”. The art of blending enlightens Moutai with a richer taste and as well as the base liquor with a brand-new life.