Technique Inheritance and Traditional Crafts for Moutai

Liquor production needs the inheritance of traditional crafts and hand-made techniques, and the training model is that apprentices learn from teachers.


Inheriting the ancient making technique and following the brewing philosophy of learning, Moutai’s ingenuity inheritance has been upgraded from verbal instruction and intuitive understanding to standardized management.


During the 1-year production cycle, Moutai liquor is made through various complex processes, for example two feedings, seven liquor collections, eight fermentations, nine steaming during Dragon Boat Festival, in memory of Qu Yuan, a famous patriotic poet. There are also other processes of storage and blending, which makes Moutai one of the most complicated distilled liquor making technique in the world.


At the thought that even the process of qu-making alone is so laborious, in 2017 Moutai Group launched a new round of comprehensive quality improvement plan, appointed 7 chief quality officers and also technical appointments of 47 first, second and third grade liquor makers, covering various production links such as qu-making, liquor-making, liquor savoring and blending – enabling every front-line employee to be a skilled artisan and liquor-making talent.


Next, Moutai would concentrate on the implementation of safeguard measures from the Group level, continue to carry forward Moutai’s tradition, adhere to the form of experts and mentors entering workshops and teams, summarize and sort out scientific research and development.


Source Reference: Moutai Magazine - International Edition Issue 25