The Connotation of “Cultural Moutai”

“Cultural Moutai” is a positive coping strategy for the transition from “the era of materialism” to “the era of spiritualization”. Evidently, its keyword is “culture”, which is the extraction and sublimation of everything that is embedded in and relevant to Moutai liquor.


The fundamental idea of “Cultural Moutai” is to build and enhance Moutai’s cultural soft power, upgrading Moutai from a physical industrial product to an intangible cultural spirit. The connotation of “cultural Moutai” should at least include the following concepts:


A) “Moutai Spirit “as the core of “Cultural Moutai”

Moutai Spirit has multiple definitions. It represents the striving enterprising spirit, the ecological spirit maintaining the harmony between man and nature, the craftsmanship spirit pursuing excelsior and the patriotic spirit contributing to the national development. “Moutai Spirit” is the core and essence of “cultural Moutai”, which should be adhered to during the constructing, promoting, and developing of “Cultural Moutai”.


B) Moutai’s history as the foundation of “Cultural Moutai”

“Cultural Moutai” must be built based on the long-standing development history of Moutai. From the records about Ju-Jiang (the name of a kind of liquor in ancient China). Its glorious development since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the historical profundity of “Cultural Moutai” has neem formed and soaked into the mellow Moutai liquor.


C) Moutai products as the carrier of “Cultural Moutai”

Only by using a physical carrier as the medium can the intangible culture be spread and passed on. Therefore, the construction of “Cultural Moutai” should also make good use of all Moutai relevant products or services so as to spread Moutai culture to the whole world and increase the influence and competitiveness of Moutai’s cultural soft power.


D) Moutai people as the support of “Cultural Moutai”

Moutai Group and staff in its subsidiary bodies are the main force of “Cultural Moutai” while the upstream and downstream of Moutai Group,” Cultural Moutai” must be led by the main force and engaged by the associated force so as to assure its diversified construction and inclusive development.

The Cultural Moutai will evolve with the times and will make more efforts to adapt different strategy to the development trends of the industry and the world.


Source Reference: Moutai Magazine - International Edition Issue 27