The Inner Core of Cultural Moutai


"Cultural Moutai” is a system, a development strategy that connects traditions and innovations. It represents the cultural sublimation of Moutai’s present and the cultural blueprint of Moutai’s future. Therefore, the content system of “Cultural Moutai” Should give consideration to at least two layers: the inner core and the external presentation.

As mentioned, the core of “cultural Moutai” is “Moutai Spirit”. Looking back to the past, the ultimate force driving Moutai Group to become today’s liquor industry leader in China is the “ Moutai Spirit” passed from generation to generation.


The first one one is the courage to bring forth new ideas. Whether it is the constant experiments or improvements on liquor making techniques or the constant perfection of the modern enterprise system. They all show Moutai Group’s encouragement of innovation. It is exactly what pushes Moutai Group to expand.


The second is the harmony between man and nature. The fact that Moutai liquor cannot be made outside of Maotai Town is not only a highest praise for Moutai liquor's unique producing environment but also reflects that Moutai Group adheres to the spirit that respects. Adapts to, utilizes and lives in harmony with nature.


The third is the persistence in marking perfection more perfect. As the leading enterprise in the Baijiu industry of our country, Moutai has always adhered to the excelsior and traditional hand made production technique, which has been listed in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage.


The Fourth is the patriotism embedded in Moutai people’s heart. As one of the significant beneficiaries and witnesses of China’s historical process and contemporary development, the development of Moutai has always been closely bound up with the development of our country. This is an implementation tightly in accordance with the national strategies and positively responding to the national policies, which integrate the national development and brand building as one.


The last one is the spirit of advancing with the times. The development requirement. It is the precious spirits of keeping pace with the times that urges Moutai to implement measures that meet the development demands of the age in time and launch products satisfying the market needs, consolidating the invincible position of Moutai. The construction of “ Cultural Moutai” itself is also a strategic measure that meets the high-quality development requirement in the new era which advances with the times.


Source Reference: Moutai Magazine - International Edition Issue 27