A Memorable Journey of Experience Moutai

On 26 Oct, Moutai Ireland has teamed up with the Association of Irish Chinese Professionals (ACPI) to hold a Moutai tasting Night “Experience Moutai" at the Clontarf Castle Hotel.  Over a hundred guests, friends and partners of Moutai Ireland from different sectors showed up, including our channels, mixologists, bars and restaurants, local associations, media, influencers and more!    


It was truly a night to remember, with the aim to take our guests on a journey to learn and appreciate more about the Moutai spirits and the legends that make the brand what it is today.  The journey began with Moutai cocktails, namely the Ginger Prince and the Red Prince, which were mixed with Moutai Prince, and each highlights some special characters of the Moutai Prince itself.  After signing off at the reception backdrop and taking group pictures, guests were led into the Moutai Corner. This was where a series of information panels with vivid pictures and descriptions were presented to provide an introduction of the unique process of the making of this most popular Baijiu in China, as well as a summary of how Moutai should be appreciated with taste notes and steps to follow. This would give a deeper impression as the guests were taken further into a Moutai tasting session during the course. 


To enable more memorable moments, a customed made Moutai Bottle Instagram filter was designed for our guests to share their selfies and real-time stories on social media. 


The dinner came with lovely courses prepared by Clontarf Castle Hotel, especially designed to pair with the mellow Moutai Flying Fairy, which perfectly demonstrated how the Chinese Baijiu can be integrated with Western food.  Several highlights of the evening also included a step-by-step tasting session with all our guests, that took them through how the spirit can be best appreciated, toasting session, video sharing on the big screen on the art of Moutai production plus some recaps of the happy event moments that Moutai Ireland had participated this year.  Not to mentioned the table prizes, lucky draws and the final top up of another special Moutai cocktail, namely the Raspberry Kicker to finish off a perfect Moutai Experience journey! 


It was a great gala, we totally enjoyed everyone’s company, and we are glad to see that all the guests had fun and enjoyed themselves throughout the night! 


Check out the highlights of our event below, stay tuned for more exciting events to come!  Looking forward to seeing you at our next event!