Come ‘Alive After Five’ with Moutai at Dublin by Night Fest 


The vibrant streets of Dublin came alive after dark during the recent Dublin by Night Fest, captivating both residents and visitors with the city's nightlife. We were excited to take part with Asia Market to bring a taste of Chinese spirits to the festivities through our distinctive Moutai liquor. 


Amidst the lively atmosphere, our booth drew in crowds of enthusiastic attendees lining up throughout the evening. The aroma of our signature cocktails wafted through the air, enticing passersby with their alluring scents. The scene was a spectacle to behold with attendees returning for second and third rounds, unable to resist the allure of our enchanting concoctions. The drinks, a testament to  Moutai's unwavering dedication to quality and heritage, left a lasting impression on those who indulged in the spirit, further fuelling the buzz of excitement that permeated the festival. 


Beyond the exotic drinks, our giveaways were also a hit with festivalgoers eagerly entering to win attractive prizes. This amplified further the festive atmosphere, taking the night to another level. The ambient lights, music, and cooking demonstrations perfectly came together with the new drinks and cuisines. 


We are overwhelmed by the  enthusiasm and amazing support we received from the crowd, it was truly inspiring, reinforcing our belief that events like this provide an invaluable window to share Moutai's essence beyond its taste, introducing new friends to the Moutai MEI - the beauty, goodness and harmony, and discovering the Chinese baijiu culture. 


The evening was a resounding success, leaving an indelible mark on the vibrant city of Dublin. We look forward to more opportunities to pour Moutai's profound connotation into each glass, bringing people together as we have for generations. Follow @moutai_ireland for news on our next event in Dublin!