ACPI Chinese New Year Celebration with Moutai: A Memorable Start to the Year of the Dragon 

The festive atmosphere at Rong Cheng was very rich with a whole lot of Chinese traditional arts and decorations, including Chinese red lanterns, Fai Chun, figures of dragons, and of course bottles of Moutai!  Accompanied by the beautiful sea view, the restaurant was adorned with vibrant red and gold decorations, creating a lively ambiance as warm wishes intertwine between attendees, echoing the spirit of the occasion. That was in preparation for the gathering of the “ACPI Chinese New Year Celebration with Moutai” event this year. We were honoured to have many distinguished guests joining the celebration including Mr. Huang Junying – the Counselor of the Science, Education and Culture Section of the Chinese Embassy in Ireland, Mr. Andrew Doyle – the former Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, and the Irish Fianna Fáil politician Mr. Cormac Devlin, all coming together for a toasting to a new year ahead with the MEI of Moutai! 


At the heart of all Chinese celebrations, Chinese spirits baijiu will never be spared. As guests enjoyed the spirits of Moutai, they were also amazed with the showcase of the diversity, wide product range of Moutai family, its legendary heritage, and were awed by the fine craftsmanship that each bottle conveys. To top up the excitement, Moutai bottles were added as the prizes of the lucky draw of the event elevating the happy vibes to another climax! The lucky winners expressed their delight at receiving these rewarding trophies. 


A big thanks to ACPI to put together such a fantastic celebration for the New Year of the Dragon, we believe this will no doubt bring everyone good omens, good fortune and good health! Wishing everybody a great beginning for the Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Coi!