Senbazuru Izayaka Joined Hands with Moutai to Bring the Lavish Drinks to Dublin!

During 15-31 July, Senbazuru Izakaya brought a brand new premium oriental dining experience to customers with the creation of Moutai cocktails and ever so well-known Moutai baijiu shots!  Being the first 5D Japanese music theme restaurant in Ireland filled with high-tech elements, if offers a sensational 5D experience which together with the multilayered aroma and taste of Moutai, it truly has liberated the charm and characteristics of oriental dining cultures.  Not to mention when pairing the dishes with Moutai, it takes the freshness of sashimi and sushi to yet another level. 


Senbazuru Izakaya provides a unique dining environment for customers who want to meet with friends and to experience the tasty journey brought about by the intertwining chemistry between Moutai and Japanese cuisines.  


To enlighten the mood of all diners, Senbazuru Izakaya has introduced a selection of Moutai cocktails, including: 


  • Cáiméi Páo Páo – herbal & sweet 
  • Baijiu Bellini – refreshing and fruity 
  • Drunk on a Swing – minty & citrusy 
  • Blooms Dreams – floral & nutty 
  • Raspberry Kicker – refreshing, juicy with a kick 
  • Basil & Cucumber Smash – cucumber & basil leaves give a boost of fresh produce 


These artisanal cocktails are created to suit different moods and characters. Besides the classic Bellini with a twist, other adventurous cocktails featuring enticing signature concoctions inspired by the Jiang-fragrance of Moutai Prince. These all paired well with their Japanese cuisine such as tempura, refreshing nigiri and sukiyaki. It is our pleasure to introduce such high-end experience to the customers in Dublin with oriental food-and-baijiu pairing. 


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