Mid-Autumn Festival Moutai Tasting at Celtic Whiskey Shop 

Like all cultures, festive celebration is a major part of the Chinese culture, and baijiu is a staple to any festive or celebration events.  There is no better way to unite with family and friends than to do it over shots of baijiu.   


To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with customers at Celtic Whiskey this year, we have prepared a Moutai sampling session together with mooncakes at the Celtic Whiskey Shop on 8 Sep.  It was a warm and joyful event, and we were glad to see that customers found the experience of pairing of Moutai with mooncake harmonious and satisfying.  With the guidance from our representatives, they were able to savour the taste and aftertaste of the spirit in a traditional fashion, while learning the stories behind the Moutai brand, Chinese baijiu, the festival, and more.    


Don’t miss out and stay tuned for more upcoming Moutai events!