Over-the-moon with Moutai! Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival at James J. Fox 

Moutai Ireland has collaborated with James J. Fox, to showcase an eye-catching storefront featuring festive elements and of course Moutai, which no Chinese festival should do without.  In addition to drawing attention from passers-by, this lovely window display also tells the tales of the traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and how Moutai becomes a spotlight for special occasions such as this, and that many would have purchased Moutai during these times!  


Also, a Moutai tasting session took place on 9 September, at the store to let more customers share the festive experience together. The exquisite tasting event centerpiece our flagship Moutai Flying Fairy, pairing with delicious mooncakes. Customers were able to sample and experience Moutai in the traditional way during Mid-Autumn Festival, while learning more about the history and cultures behind the brand!  


Don't worry if you were unable to attend this event, there are more line-ups coming up!  To stay up-to-date on all the news and activities, sign up for our newsletter!