MOUTAI TASTING: Bringing the Flavour and Festivities to Live at Asia Market


Moutai Ireland's recent tasting event at Asia Market during the Dragon Boat Festival was a vibrant and celebratory affair that left attendees impressed and entertained. The event was a true celebration of Chinese culture and tradition, and customers were thrilled to immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere. 


As shoppers sampled Moutai, they were impressed by its smooth and complex flavour profile, which gave a lot of versatilities to both drinking neat and cocktail creations. Not to mention the pairing with the festive delicacy of the Dragon Boat Festival, namely Zongzi, which is a perfect combo in terms of taste as well as for festive celebration! "Ginger Prince", was also a popular choice among customers due to its refreshing and zesty flavours. On top of that, the heritages of the Chinese tradition as well as Moutai were shared, enhancing further the experience that people take away.  


Moutai is not only a delicious spirit but also an important part of Chinese cultural heritage. Events like these provided a wonderful window to articulate more about this fascinating aspect to the customers. For those who have missed out, be sure to keep an eye out for many more upcoming tasting events!