Mid-Autumn Festival at Asia Market 


In collaboration with Asia Market, the Mid-Autumn Festival was a spectacle of merriment as the event unfolded on the 24th of September with a vibrant tapestry of flavours, traditions, and music. 


The event commenced with a delicious array of mooncakes which is one of the festival's culinary heritages. Adding a symphony of enchantment to the ambiance, live Guzheng music performances resonated with the festive atmosphere throughout the venue. The melodies of this traditional Chinese musical instrument transported attendees to a realm of harmonious serenity that allows further appreciation of the Chinese culture on this special day.  


In complement, Moutai Cocktails were served that elevated the festive atmosphere with MEI of Moutai, which means beauty and goodness of this traditional Chinese Baijiu spirit. Also, the Ginger Prince and Moutai Guava cocktails, crafted with passion and innovation, offered a delightful fusion of Chinese liquor and contemporary mixology. Each sip tantalized the taste buds, taking the drinkers on a flavour journey of MEI that only Moutai can provide. This was also an experience of the Chinese baijiu heritage, a moment to appreciate the depth, beauty and artistry behind this beloved spirit. 


To top this off, there was also a Moutai Lucky Draw with great prizes, which took the already merry spirits of this special festival to another level!  


We were truly blessed with a great festival which allows the spirits of Moutai shone throughout the event. Very happy to be able to share the fun and joy of the Mid-Autumn Fest with everyone, we look forward to seeing you in our upcoming events!