Extraordinary Culinary Experience at Rong Cheng


Moutai Ireland and Rong Cheng Fine Chinese Cuisine joined forces to create a spectacular food pairing experience in the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The event was held on September 23rd, treating guests to a journey of Moutai MEI, that encompasses beauty, goodness and harmony, with the pairing of the finest flavours of Moutai baijiu and the authentic Chinese cuisines at Rong Cheng. Diners were treated with special offers to enjoy our flagship Moutai Flying Fairy as well as four especially selected Moutai Cocktails. The innovative mixology includes “Ginger Prince”, “Raspberry Kicker”, “Lychee Moutini” and “Blossom Dreams”. Showcased at the spotlight of the evening, each sip of Moutai baijiu brought out the umami of the new dishes of Rong Cheng, which in combination brought about an extraordinary culinary experience for the diners.   


We also invited Instagram foodie influencers to join us in this special occasion including @irelandfoodlovers and @thetaste_ie, check out their IG for their share of the delightful experiences! 


It was a great start to a week of Moutai specials and promotions at Rong Cheng, and we are very glad to have this kind of opportunities to tell the customers more about Moutai and the MEI concept! Look out for more upcomings soon!