Halloween Spirits at Senbazuru Izakaya with Bewitching Moutai Cocktails 


The cauldrons are cleared, and the ghosts have retreated, closing the book on the spine-tingling Halloween promotions at Senbazuru Izakaya. We were delighted to see happy customers enjoying their journey through the mystical flavours of Moutai together with the hauntingly delicious cuisine prepared by Senbazuru. The enchanting array of Moutai cocktails and chilling sweets served well the spirit of the season! 


With Moutai's distinctive flavours under the spotlight, the "Potion of the Damned Blood" blended sweet raspberry and tart lime with a lively ginger fizz for a devilishly refreshing sip. Next up our "Black Widow in Purple Rain" casted a haunting twist on a classic cocktail, fusing fruity notes with Moutai's intricate accents. For more sophistication, the "Oriental Mimosa" united the silkiness of Moutai with bright orange and bubbly sparkles. Finally, we have for dessert, the Ice Cream with Moutai sent shivers down the taste buds, blending creamy indulgence with Moutai's fiery flair.  


Want to try more? Keep an eye out for more spellbinding tastes in our upcoming events!