Moutai at Taste of Dublin 2022

Returning again in 2022, Moutai Ireland was thrilled to be back at Taste of Dublin, one of the major gourmet festivals in Ireland.   


Taste of Dublin offered visitors the unique opportunity to source essential ingredients from artisan producers, engage with Ireland’s top culinary talent, be on the front line of masterclasses and relax in the gourmet atmosphere of the finest food and drink festival.  With starred restaurants, institutions, liquor brands, producers, craftsmen... , attendees have taken their palate full.  



This year, Taste of Dublin had more than 32,000 visitors enjoying themselves in the Iveagh Gardens including celebrities such as Brian Ormond, James Patrice, David Mitchell, Clint Drieberg etc.   



To make the event more special and ensure our guests had the best of fun, some refreshing concepts were brought to the table this year with added games and prizes! We were delighted to see our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves with Moutai cocktails and snap chat with our gigantic Moutai bottle! Undoubtedly, our game zone had the best of the traffic with happy faces of lucky winners. By allowing our guests to enjoy and relax at the center of our Moutai Garden, the set up this year truly highlights how the joy of Moutai and Moutai cocktails can act as a social lubricant.  By telling stories of Moutai, Chinese Baijiu culture, alongside with the carnival activities in the show, it demonstrates the harmonic integration of Chinese spirit culture and the western practice with delicious results.     



Furthermore, our two bespoke Moutai cocktails – Lychee Moutini and The Red Prince, were very popular at the Main Bar and VIP Bar! Both cocktails were mixed with Moutai Prince which gave a softer touch, bringing out more floral flavour and making the Lychee Moutini delicious.  And Moutai Prince also emphasized the sweet notes of the cranberry fruit of The Red Prince – a citrus twist from the popular Red Queen cocktail. The unique tastes of these cocktails were like no other, it was ever so popular; we went through over two thousand cups of Moutai cocktail servings and you can see people holding a cup of the Moutai cocktail in their hands everywhere you go. This is a real-life testament of how people love and embrace our drinks, it was also a fantastic opportunity to speak to our Moutai fans and fans to be, and to share with them our products and stories! 



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