Moutai Took Taste of Dublin 2023 with a Fiesta to Remember! 


Moutai Ireland's presence at Taste of Dublin 2023 was a resounding success, with the Moutai Fiesta attracting large crowds and impressing liquor enthusiasts from across the country. The event, held from June 15th to June 18th at the scenic Iveagh Gardens, featured over 70 exhibitors and drew in more than 34,000 visitors. 


Despite the less-than-perfect weather conditions at times, it did not dampen the enthusiasm of the lovely crowd at the event. The Moutai Garden remained packed with people, and everyone was eagerly lining up to play "Hook A Legend" and sample Moutai's signature range of products. The "Hook A Legend" game was particularly popular, with hundreds of prizes given out to all excited players. Not to mention the positive feedback we get from visitors who were delighted by the Flying Fairy, Prince, and Moutai Cocktail samples, namely the “Ginger Prince” and the “Raspberry Kicker” which were definitely crowd pleasers, "For the people looking for a bit of a kick, this is definitely your friend... beautiful, all over it!” exclaimed one impressed guest. 


The Moutai Fiesta offered visitors a unique and immersive experience with a wide range of exciting activities. The giant Moutai bottle balloon drew visitors in for the perfect snapshot, while the tranquil Moutai Garden provided a peaceful respite from the bustling festival. Here, our knowledgeable and friendly representatives were on hand to answer questions and educate visitors about the rich history and unique production process of Moutai liquor.  


The star of the show, however, was undoubtedly the two signature Moutai cocktails: the "Lychee Moutini" and "Blossom Dreams". These bespoke creations were served at both the Main Bar and VIP Bar, and garnered rave reviews from visitors, introducing them to the sophisticated flavour profile of Moutai. 


Overall, the Moutai Fiesta at Taste of Dublin 2023 was a tremendous success, bolstering Moutai's presence and allure in Ireland. It was an experience that left visitors wanting more, with their excitement and happiness palpable throughout the festival. Moutai Ireland is thrilled to have been a part of it and looks forward to bringing more unforgettable Moutai moments to Ireland in the future!