Moutai Lit Up Spirits Enthusiasts at Whiskey Live 2023 


Moutai Ireland was thrilled to participate in Whiskey Live Dublin 2023, where over 100 exhibitors participated to captured spirits lovers of over 6,000. We were excited to showcase our renowned spirits to a diverse audience of liquor enthusiasts and industry professionals. 


Visitors had the opportunity to sample our signature drinks, including Moutai Flying Fairy and Moutai Prince, which were widely appreciated for their smoothness, complexity, and distinctive flavour. 


Our team was present to guide visitors through the tasting process and to provide insights into the history and production of Moutai, which enhances the Moutai experience at the show with even more depth and heritage. Many guests were fascinated to learn about the traditional fermentation process that has been passed down for centuries and the unique ingredients that contribute to Moutai’s exceptional taste. 


The event provided an excellent opportunity to introduce Moutai to new audiences and connect with people who share our passion for exceptional spirits. We were encouraged to see a huge turn up at our stand and were left with a newfound appreciation for the quality and heritage of Moutai. 


We would like to express our gratitude to Celtic Whiskey Shop, the organizer of Whiskey Live Dublin, for hosting such a fantastic event with a great crowd, not to mention also for doing a great course with the charity for Down Syndrome Dublin. We loved the incredible experience and so did our visitors. Look out for more upcoming events in the future, in the meantime, we invite everyone to explore the world of Moutai and discover for themselves what makes this spirit so special.