Canapés Moutai Tasting at The Westbury: A Celebration of Flavours 

We are delighted to share the resounding success of our recent tasting event,"Experience the Legendary Moutai" held at one of Dublin’s finest hotels – The Westbury on 22nd April. In collaboration with The Corkscrew, we had the pleasure of having over 30 esteemed guests, including some of their VIP customers and high-end spirit lovers, to partake in this extraordinary event. 


The event unfolded with three distinct experiences, beginning with the indulgence of our signature Moutai Flying Fairy, accompanied by our delightful Moutai cocktails. Each libation was thoughtfully paired with delectable canapés, enhancing the overall sensory journey.  


During the Moutai spirit tasting session, guests had the opportunity to savour the velvety texture and refined flavours of Moutai as expert of The Corkscrew shared  detailed insights into Moutai tasting techniques, offering a deeper understanding of the intricate layers and delicate nuances that make Moutai truly exceptional. Guests were captivated by the cultural significance and meticulous production process that contribute to the the essence of this revered spirit. 


To enhance the culinary experience, The Westbury prepared an exquisite series of French canapés that perfectly paired with the flavours of Moutai. This harmonious fusion of the east and the west demonstrated the art of spirit pairing and highlighted Moutai's ability to elevate dining experience. 


Filled with good food, good drinks, fun and laughter, we genuinely hope the exceptional Moutai experience enjoyed by our guests will continue as we extend our journey to the next level. Stay connected and watch out for more great experiences to come!