Unveiling the Splendour of Moutai Excellence in Dublin  

On June 10th, a captivating event unfolded at the prestigious Westbury Hotel in Dublin, as Moutai unveiled two of its most exquisite offerings to an esteemed group of Moutai fans including the Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy, Mr. WANG Jiabao, the First Secretary of the Chinese Embassy, Mr. XU Ming, and the Chairperson of the Ireland China Business Association, Ms. Caroline Devlin.  


The highlight of the evening showcased two exceptional Moutai Special Editions: The Moutai 15 Years and the Moutai Boutique. These masterpieces of Moutai artistry and craftsmanship coming from the higher tier of the Moutai spirits captivated the guests not only with the exceptional tastes and aroma which surpasses even the flagship Flying Fairy but were also marvelled by the intricate details and the sheer elegance of the bottle designs. 


The guests were then treated to a sumptuous fine French cuisine dinner, with each course professionally designed and paired with the exquisite Moutai offerings. As they savoured the flavours, the guests were transported to an elevated realm of the true meaning behind the Moutai philosophy of: “MEI spirit, MEI food, and MEI living!” 


As the evening drew to a close, the guests departed with a newfound appreciation for the excellence of Moutai, and their senses enriched by the extraordinary journey they had just experienced. This event had solidified the brand's position as the pinnacle of excellence, and by showcasing higher tiers of the Moutai line-ups, a wider scope of the Moutai story was told. We look forward to hosting and sharing many more unforgettable experiences with you all in the future. 


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