More Cultural Vibes at the Spring Festival Celebration 

The “Spring Festival Celebration” event, organized by the Chinese Society of Ireland and The Irish Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China in the celebration of the Chinese New Year was a resounding success! The event was held on February 16th, with distinguished guests including Mr. Richard Guiney, CEO of Dublin Town and Chinese Ambassador Mr. He Xiang Dong, this sets the scene for the most important event of the year in the Chinese culture. The audiences and guests were awed with an array of traditional Chinese performances such as the graceful ribbon dance, dynamic diabolo, and the mystical face changing act from Sichuan just to name a few. Of course, no Chinese festival is complete without Chinese Baijiu, with the serving of our legendary Moutai at the reception, it has enchantingly captivated both the locals and the Chinese participants with a great sense of heritage and festivity. All in all, the event will no doubt brings more good omens, good fortune and good health in the year of Dragon!


As a representative of an important part of the Chinese culture and traditions, Moutai plays its role in bringing out the emotions and spirits of the community. Just as the spread of the Chinese culture and spirits in Ireland, we also hope that the Moutai culture will spread the same, fostering more reunion and harmony in the process!