Oriental Fine Liquor,  A Superior Choice

Kweichow Moutai is the typical representative of Chinese Jiang fragrance liquor, and “China Moutai” has become the synonym of Chinese liquor. Kweichow Moutai presents perfect products in different series. Each type of Moutai shows its unique personality and distinctive style, and waits for the encounter with the people who appreciate them.


Common Moutai Series, a Classic of Classics

As a classic of classics, the Common Moutai series have two specifications: 53% Vol and 43% Vol, of which the 53% Vol Feitian Moutai is the leading product of Motuai and a classic of Chinese Jiang fragrance liquor. Featuring slightly yellow, transparent, prominent Jiang fragrance, elegant, delicate, mellow, long aftertaste, and lasting empty-cup fragrance, the 53% Vol Feitian Moutai has garnered many international awards. This liquor has several topmost features: no hangover or dry mouthfeel after drinking; the older, the better aroma; its quality will be more outstanding if further preserved for several years and its aroma gets stronger and stronger over the years.


Millesimes Moutai Series, Top-Class and Precious Liquor

Aged Moutai liquor of specific years uses a liquor aged at least 15 years as base, which is then blended with liquors made in different years (strictly selected by liquor-making masters), with different stages, fragrance types, and liquor types to produce different classes of aged Moutai liquor with a rich mouthfeel. Generally speaking, according to age and quality, the aged Moutai liquor can be categorized into four classes: 15-year, 30-year, 50-year, and 80-year.


Gift Moutai Series, Small-Batch Blending

With individuality, the Gift Moutai series are the result of careful and small-batch blending of strictly selected base liquors with different ages, stages, fragrance types, and liquor types. Packed in different bottles and boxes, each type of Gift Moutai shows its distinctive temperament and unique attitude to life.


Luxury Gold and Luxury Brown Moutai – selected and blended by maestros, two tastes in one liquor. Slightly yellow, transparent, and clear, this liquor feature prominent Jiang fragrance, with delicate and rich aromas of baking, flowers, grass, fruit, sweetness, and koji.


Purple Clay Paper Precious Moutai – a born collection superior to the drinking standard. This liquor is suitable for collecting and drinking straightly on special occasions.


Relievo Wood Precious Moutai – several years’ concentration and combination of elegance and strength, a nectar for master collector.


Jackie Chan Moutai, Collector’s Edition – perfect example of combining the Chinese liquor culture with the spirit of world – renowned Chinese mover star Jackie Chan.


Moutai Flavour Series, a Blend of Tradition and Fashion

The Moutai Flavour series share the same origin with common Moutai liquor, inherit the most traditional and authentic taste and spirit, absorb the fashion inspiration of the times, involve diversified values (concepts) and lead a new lifestyle. They are a series of young products with diversified appearances and consistently excellent quality. Moutai Prince and Moutai Yingbin is part of this series, and can be drunk straightly, paired with dishes, or made into cocktails.


Source Reference: Moutai Magazine - International Edition Issue 6