A Fragrant Journey


From the hinterland of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau at a latitude of 27 degree, a mysterious fragrance is carried along a river flowing through a unique karst landscape. Here is the Moutai Town, located in Guizhou province in China. This town is the birthplace of China Kweichow Moutai.


The beginning of this fragrant journey can be traced back to a single seed, to a section of a flowing river…


Covering an area of 15.03 square kilometres, the Moutai production area lies within China’s national protected zone. The uniqueness of this area means that Moutai is destined to be a product of rare scarcity.


The core ingredients of Moutai are water, sorghum, and wheat.


Water is the backbone of any high-quality liquor. The water of the Chishui River, coupled with the mildly acidic purple soil of the valley results in the quality water used in the production of Moutai. The wild nature of the river is tamed as it flows through Moutai Town, and is further harnessed to suit the needs for the different brewing stages. In early summer, during the fermentation stage of the brewing process, minimal water is required. The river turns a reddish brown hue due to the high rainfall and provides a rich source of nutrients for the crops on both river banks. When autumn comes, the making of Moutai requires a significant amount of water. At this time, the Chishui River reverts back to its pristine form, with its water once again clear and visible to the bottom of the river. One cannot help but marvel at this tacit understanding between man and nature.


The glutinous sorghum, an ancient grain native to this region, is the only and best choice for the production of quality Moutai. Farmers must adhere to traditional farming practices and comply strictly to the demanding horticulture requirements


As a first time visitor, you will surely be impressed with the pristine ecology and be intoxicated by the ubiquitous fragrance of Moutai in the air.



The mysteries of the climate, the land, the water, and even the surrounding air, appear to harbour the secret of this beautiful liquor. As a result of thousands of years of uninterrupted brewing tradition, the air in “China’s premier liquor town” is rich with diverse range of microorganisms. It is exactly these invisible spirits that give Moutai its distinctive style and personality! 


Source Reference: Moutai Magazine - International Edition Issue 5